Our life, our decision

  • Foster programs for kittens
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  • Native animal rehabilitation
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  • Opposing breed specific legislation
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  • Rehoming programs for older cats
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  • Saving the lives of healthy animals
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  • Promoting the human/animal bond
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  • Fighting animal cruelty
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  • No time limits for adoption
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The only beneficiary of the Linke Animal Welfare Trust is RSPCA Australia.

Income will be distributed from the trust each year and given directly to RSPCA Australia, where it will be used for the benefit of animals in need, or if at any time RSPCA Australia shall cease to exist or if for any reason the gift of income cannot take effect, then to such other similar charity holding deductible gift recipient status with the aims of protecting and safeguarding animals of all types.

Over time it is planned to develop broader giving strategies for the welfare and benefit of animals.