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Gifts Under a Will

You can also contribute part or all of your estate to the Linke Animal Welfare Trust, just as Michael and Mardi have done.

To assist you with your Will preparation, the following standard clause is suggested if you wish some or all of your estate to go to the Linke Animal Welfare Trust.

as to the sum of $................ (or the balance of my estate) to the Trustee for the CAPITAL REGION COMMUNITY FOUNDATION GreaterGood for THE LINKE ANIMAL WELFARE TRUST in perpetuity and I request the Trustee to pay and apply the net income therefrom or such other amount as the Trustee deems appropriate to ANIMALS AUSTRALIA for animal welfare in the Australian Capital Territory and I DIRECT that the receipt of the Secretary or other such proper officer for the time being of the said organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to the Trustee without being bound to see to the application thereof and I FURTHER DIRECT that should at any time ANIMALS AUSTRALIA ceases to exist or amalgamates with another charity or change its name or if for any other reason this gift cannot take effect then to such charity with similar aims and ideals as the Trustee in its discretion thinks fit.